Priština daily speculates on indepedence date

PRIŠTINA -- Kosovo could unilaterally proclaim independence on February 17, according to Albanian language daily Koha Ditore.

The daily states that the next European Union Council of Ministers meeting is scheduled for February 18 and that “this is when the united stance which can be seen as the political stance of the EU regarding the recognition of Kosovo’s independence could be adopted.”

The daily writes that "Brussels is aware" that Kosovo could even proclaim independence as early as this week, but that this would force presiding Slovenia to call an emergency meeting of the EU Council of Ministers, which would give the process “a taste of drama” which Priština "wants to avoid."

Proposed Kosovo flag and coat-of-arms confirmed

The work group for Kosovo state symbols confirmed the three proposals for Kosovo’s "official flag and coat-of-arms" last night, according to Priština media.

Radio Television Kosovo says the expert work group headed by Fadil Husaj, will submit the proposed symbols to the Kosovo parliament today for further procedures.

Husaj said that in designing the symbols, the political stance of the Kosovo negotiation team and the demands of the Martti Ahtisaari independence plan was taken in to consideration.

Also, the flag and coat-of-arms "cannot have the same colors and symbols as the Albanian flag or any of the other flags of people who live in Kosovo."

He said that the proposals will be chosen according to these political requirements.