Vojvodina's Montenegrins back Hungarian candidate

NOVI SAD -- Ištvan Pastor and the president of the Krstaš Association of Serbian Montenegrins have signed an election deal.

According to a statement from Krstaš, the Hungarian coalition’s presidential candidate’s manifesto, which addresses state issues, the Vojvodina question and the position of minorities, “is identical to the wishes and aspirations of Montenegrin people in Serbia.”

“At the forefront of Montenegrins’ minds are European integration, a peaceful solution to the Kosovo crisis, and full Serbian membership of NATO, while Serbian Montenegrins want Vojvodina’s constitutional-legal status enhanced," read the statement issued by Krstaš President Nenad Stevović.

"As far as the position of minorities are concerned, the Montenegrin community in Serbia supports proportional minority representation within state institutions, as well as deeper forms of autonomy at national level," reads the statement.

“Another inevitable question for our community is the constitutionally enshrined respect for guaranteed religious freedoms and removal of the unconstitutional ban on registration of the Montenegrin Orthodox Church,” the statement says.

During the meeting, there was also talk of participation on the part of Krstaš in Pastor’s election campaign, enhancing cooperation between Serbia’s Montenegrin and Hungarian communities and possible cooperation at the forthcoming local and provincial elections.