"Battle for Serbia in Europe, with Kosovo"

KOSOVSKA MITROVICA -- President Boris Tadić says he will fight for a strong and stable Serbia, incorporating Kosovo, joining the EU.

Boris Tadić (Tanjug)
Boris Tadić (Tanjug)

Tadić spoke to the Kosovo Serb Jedinstvo newspaper, and said that Belgrade will not accept an imposed solution for the future status of Kosovo, and maintains that the province's independence is unacceptable.

"An imposed solution will not be accepted, independence will not be accepted. The state's reaction must be clear, strong and in keeping with our state interests," the president said, referring to the possibility that some countries may unilaterally recognize Kosovo as a state.

Tadić pointed out that Serbia was relying on international law and respect for recognized borders, and added that the country was not urging a border change, or a partition of Kosovo.

He assessed that Serbia strengthened its position, following the negotiations on the future of the province.

"Our position has been strengthened, and that is reflected in the talk about further negotiations and a reluctance to propose solutions to which we would not agree."

"Had our position not been strengthened this would have ended a long time ago to our detriment," Tadić assessed.

"We will implement with resolve all the measures at our disposal to protect our people," said Tadić, asked how he would react if there was an attack on the Serb population in Kosovo.

The president, running for his second term in office, voiced hope that such attacks will not occur and that international forces in the province will continue to play their role and protect citizens.