Dulić calls local, provincial ballots for May

BELGRADE -- Parliament Speaker Oliver Dulić late Saturday in Belgrade called local and provincial election for May 11, 2008.

Oliver Dulić announces local, provincial elections (FoNet)
Oliver Dulić announces local, provincial elections (FoNet)

Dulić told reporters in the parliament building that the decision to call the votes was exceptionally important, since it met a legal obligation to have the elections scheduled before December 31.

This act also marks the end of a process to constitute state bodies by carrying out elections of provincial territorial autonomy and local council members, the speaker explained.

"This process commenced with parliamentary elections and continued with the formation of a new government and appointments of the Constitutional Court judges," Dulić said.

He also reminded that the parliament passed 71 laws in the past seven months.

Dulić used the occasion to congratulate the new year and Christmas to all citizens, and described 2008 as "the year of great decisions."

"My new year wishes are mostly for those who have not seen much happiness in this year, those who have limited freedom of movement, those without jobs, and those who are, due to poverty, denied simple joys of life due which the rest of us take for granted," Dulić said.

He called on all Serbian citizens to make sure they do what they can so that our less fortunate compatriots enjoy the holidays, and wished everyone happiness, health, and joy in the coming year.