Kurti: Bush lies to Kosovo Albanians

VIENNA -- The leader of a radical Albanian movement in Kosovo says Hashim Thaci "will not declare independence after Dec. 10".

Albin Kurti, who is heading the Self-Determination Movement also said that U.S. President George Bush "was telling Kosovo Albanians lies."

“Thaci will not hurry that much. Our leadership will not declare independence as long as the international powers do not accept that. And George Bush has lied to the U.S. public so why wouldn't he lie to us,” Kurti said in an interview with the Vienna Die Presse daily.

Kurti is currently under house arrest in Priština after organizing a demonstration there in February which left two people dead.

He said that, in his view, the real situation regarding Kosovo was deadlocked, and that there was "a long way to go towards independence."

“Even if the European Union replaces the United Nations, Kosovo would still be controlled by international powers. However, what we need is a true state, with a seat at the United Nations. We want Kosovo to join the EU, and not EU rule over Kosovo,” Kurti said.