Koštunica talks to Putin

BELGRADE -- The prime minister says Putin told him Russia will demand respect for Serbia’s integrity and sovereignty.

Koštunica and Putin (archive, FoNet)
Koštunica and Putin (archive, FoNet)

Vojislav Koštunica and Vladimir Putin spoke on the phone today, when the Serbian prime minister was reassured that Russia will ask that Martti Ahtisaari’s Kosovo status proposal does not infringe on Serbia’s sovereignty.

“President Putin told me in a telephone conversation that, should Ahtisaari’s proposal be unacceptable to Belgrade, such a proposal cannot be supported by the Security Council either”, Koštunica told the media.

”By the same token, the solution must be based on clear and universal principles and must preserve our territorial integrity. Anything else would lead to unnecessary conflicts”, Koštunica said after his phone conversation with Russian president Vladimir Putin.