Extra ballots won’t pose problem

BELGRADE -- An extra amount of ballots in the voting boxes will not pose a problem to the functionality of the referendum vote.

Printing of ballots (Beta)
Printing of ballots (Beta)

The Republic Election Commission (RIK) has stated that the possibility that extra ballots will turn up in the voting boxes after the referendum will not cause any serious errors in the process.

Also, according to new regulations, if there are noticeable misconducts at a voting location, the voting process will not be repeated.

The RIK’s stance is that while the referendum is being implemented, there will be an amount of flexibility that is greater than when conducting parliamentary or presidential elections.

The RIK states that the Referendum Law does not list what occurrences could be considered as misconducts in the election process, so the eventual extra voting ballots in the boxes in relation to the number of registered voters will not be considered an error.