Pressure on Serbia "indirect, sometimes direct" - PM

BELGRADE -- There has been no "concrete pressure" on Serbia related to the crisis in Ukraine, but "there has certainly been indirect pressure," says Aleksandar Vučić.


"I am a small man, why would somebody pressure me," the Serbian prime minister was quoted as saying on Wednesday.

According to him, "there is no pressure in some brutal manner, like some people think, but indirectly, there certainly is."

But Vučić went on to say that "sometimes, it isn't exactly indirect, but is also done directly" - and explained this concerned "European integrations and some other things."

"But we have simple answers, we respect international law, we do not interfere in the conflicts of others, but Serbia needs to survive," he said, and offered "a concrete example - what would we be doing now if gas was turned off for us."

"In that case it would be cold during the winter, there would be power cuts, and no company undergoing restructuring could operate," said the prime minister, and added that his cabinet will "in one of the upcoming sessions deal with the issue of energy security, because that is one of our problems."