PM "complains of patience fatigue with EU"

Serbia "still faces many changes" but "has its sights set on the future and in particular membership of the EU," Euronews is reporting.

Source: EuroNews
(Beta, file)
(Beta, file)

The broadcaster's Isabelle Kumar drew this conclusion after "discussing the road ahead" with Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic.

During the interview, Vucic said that "we are doing our best to stay firmly on our EU path and to fulfill all our obligations," and also, "complained of patience fatigue with the European Union."

"We invested not only a lot of our time, our full energy, our political strength in today's processes, we also started the toughest and harshest possible economic reforms in Serbia. We achieved a lot in the dialogue with Kosovo Albanians, then you see that you are not even respected," Vucic has been quoted as saying.

He also commented on "the normalization of relations with Kosovo":

"It was a very hard, very difficult issue for us, but we carried on with the dialogue with Kosovo

Albanians. My job is to take care of the interests of this country and to do something for the sake of our people, and it doesn't matter whether it fits to everybody's way of thinking".