Serbia receives EUR 60.2mn from EU Solidarity Fund

BELGRADE -- Serbia has been granted EUR 60.2 million worth of funds from the EU Solidarity Fund "for repair of flood consequences," Tanjug has reported.

The agency quoted Serbian Minister without portfolio in charge of EU integration Jadranka Joksimovic.

The funds were transferred on Wednesday, Joksimovic said and pointed out that Serbia got the highest amount of assistance from the EU when it comes to repair of damages and recovery in the areas hit by the May 2014 floods.

The minister recalled that the European Commission adopted the formal decision to award the assistance to Serbia on March 13, upon obtaining the approval of the European Parliament and Council.

Serbia was granted assistance from the EU Solidarity Fund because it has the status of a EU membership candidate, she noted.

Joksimovic said that Serbia can use the funds retroactively for funding the costs that date back to the period after the floods in connection to motorway repairs and reconstruction of the railway network, repair of infrastructure for water course management, construction of river embankments, dams and other flood-protection facilities and irrigation infrastructure, Joksimovic said.