"Serbia is not neutral, it has chosen EU"

BELGRADE -- German Ambassador to Serbia Heinz Wilhelm noted on Saturday that Serbia is not neutral, as it has opted for the EU path and chosen to join the organization.

(Beta, file)
(Beta, file)

"I would not say that Serbia is neutral. Serbia is in the process of EU membership negotiations. Your country has opted for the EU path and chosen to be an EU member state," Wilhelm told the Belgrade-based daily Kurir.

The German ambassador said he understands Serbia's historical, cultural and religious ties with Russia, but believes that the Serbian government has a clear decision and desire to join the EU.

The beginning of the negotiation process has been scheduled for January, and an EU candidate country in the process of negotiations is expected to back the political decisions delivered by the EU, he said.

Referring to the start of membership negotiations, Wilhelm said that no one could possibly deny that Serbia's progress is evident.

"Major steps were made, the key one being the signing of the Brussels agreement (on the normalization of relations between Belgrade and Priština)," Wilhelm told Kurir.

He said that the German ministers of economy and agriculture will come to Serbia, as well as one large meat producer from his country that is ready to invest several million euros.