IWC, B92 Fund donate to pediatric oncology ward

The Institute of Oncology and Radiology has received valuable medical equipment thanks to a donation of the International Women's Club (IWC) and the B92 Fund.

Source: B92
(B92 Fund)
(B92 Fund)

The donation to the pediatric oncology service, includes Vac-Lok cushions used to immobilize the head and body of children during radiation therapy, and a laboratory refrigerator for storing and disposing of reagents, samples, serum and plasma in controlled conditions, as prescribed by accreditation systems in all institutions of this type.

Addressing representatives of the International Women's Club and the B92 Fund, Director of the Institute Professor Doctor. Radan Dzodic said that any help intended for children suffering from malignant diseases was invaluable, and described the donation as "certainly a well-planned gift to the institute - one that will be used in the best possible way," praising the donor's humane gesture.

On behalf of the IWC, Christina Valdez said that the IWC was happy to be able to help and join the Fund's campaign to procure medical equipment, and that its members were proud to be helping those making an effort to create better conditions for the medical treatment of children.

"Health care for the youngest and the adolescents is very demanding and we hope that thanks to today's donation it will be even more complete. We also hope that with this, we are contributing to doctors and other medical personnel using more modern medical equipment, which improves the quality of their work. We are talking about the future and hope. We invite all potential donors who can to join, because help is needed continuously," she said.

President of the Board of the B92 Fund Veran Matic was also present, and said on this occasion: "We are pleased that our cooperation with the International Women's Club continues, and that this organization has recognized in the long term the importance of humanitarian activities carried out by the B92 Fund, as well as the need for equipping medical institutions, particularly those treating children. We hope that this donation will facilitate the work of doctors, but will primarily contribute to more effective treatments of the youngest."

The International Women's Club, whose members include the wives of ambassadors posted in Serbia, has so far within the framework of humanitarian campaigns of the B92 Fund helped equip the maternity ward Pozarevac, the University Children's Clinic and the Clinic of Pulmonology of the Clinical Center of Serbia.


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