B92 Fund women's empowerment project presented in Amsterdam

The UN Trust to End Violence against Women (UNTF) on April 25 began marking 20 years of its work and giving grants to organizations from around the world.

Source: B92
Maja Cecen (B92)
Maja Cecen (B92)

The meeting in Amsterdam organized on this occasion, was addressed by representatives of the UNTF, the Dutch government, the country's civil sector, and those of the social enterprise SeeMeOrg and B92 Fund Director Marija Cecen.

Cecen presented the successfully implemented project ONAsnazivanje ("SHE-Empowerment") that received the financial support of the UNTF. The B92 Fund is one of 426 organizations from 136 countries from around the world supported by the UNTF, which had the opportunity to present the results of its project.

"In the past two and a half years in Serbia we piloted the project ONAsnazivanje whose primary objective is economic empowerment of women survivors of violence. We launched a new service of economic empowerment of women in the safe house in Sombor, and in order to make this service self-sustaining, we founded the social enterprise 'Good Garden' whose primary activity is the production of organic vegetables," she said, and added:

"It is envisaged that the profit realized from the sale be invested in educating women survivors of violence. During the implementation of the project, we were faced with many challenges, but we are very pleased with the lessons learned, and I very much look forward to opportunities to replicate this model in other cities in Serbia."

The ONAsnazivanje project was initiated by the B92 Fund and is implemented in partnership with the Center for Social Welfare Sombor and SMART Kolektiv, in cooperation with associations from Sombor and its surroundings such as "Udahni Zivot" ("Breathe in Life"), "Sombor Initiative" and "Pannonian Good Fairies."

The Provincial Secretariat for Economy, Employment and Gender Equality and the Provincial Secretariat for Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management provide institutional support to the development of new services for economic empowerment of women in Vojvodina.


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