Milan Panic joins B92 Fund's campaign with USD 50K donation

The neonatal intensive care ward of the Clinical Center of Serbia's Gynecology and Obstetrics Clinic (GAK) on Tuesday received a donation worth USD 50,000.

Source: B92

The donation was presented within the framework of the "Battle for the Babies" humanitarian campaign by representatives of the Milan Panic Jr. Foundation, and the B92 Fund.

The donation provided the clinic with the following equipment: a transport incubator, transcutaneous bilirubinometer, vital functions and partial carbon dioxide pressure monitor, two pediatric aspirators, a laryngoscope for intubation of newborns, a blender and dispenser for neonates, as well as four lamps for phototherapy.

The official handover of the donation was attended personally by Milan Panic - who was accompanied by members of his team from the Milan Panic Jr. Foundation - who on this occasion said:

"I am happy to be able to, through this extraordinary campaign, help precisely the maternity ward in Belgrade where I was born."

"The message 'Life is Beautiful' that is placed on the incubator fits my understanding of life. I want it to encourage mothers and babies to step into a new world with optimism and hope. Philanthropic activities are a very important part of my life philosophy. Now the foundation of my son Milan is joining me in this, and we will continue this noble mission even more strongly," said Panic.

Deputy GAK Director Prof. Dr. Sasa Kadija expressed his gratitude for the assistance:

"I thank the Milan Panic Jr. Foundation and Mr. Panic personally and the B92 Fund, who have jointly assisted in the procurement of the equipment. Considering that patients with high-risk pregnancies from all over Serbia are sent to our clinic, it is not surprising that one in five or six newborns - and that's about 1,300 newborns a year - requires additional care and treatment," Kadija said, adding:

"About 500 newborns in their first days of life are at risk, whether they are born from pathological pregnancies or are extremely immature newborns. In order to save the life of these children, trained and skilled personnel but also adequate equipment is needed. The equipment we received is significant for the quality of initial care for the vitally endangered newborns, as well as for further diagnosis and treatment during their stay at the intensive neonatal care. Therefore, on behalf of the 7,000 babies born each year in our maternity ward, I once again sincerely thank you for your immense help. "

B92 Fund Board of Directors President Veran Matic said on this occasion:

"I hope that the inclusion of the Milan Panic Jr. Foundation in the Battle for Maternity Wards will encourage others who are able to join us, so that we are able to, over the next year, successfully complete the campaign to equip all maternity wards in Serbia. Also, I'm sure that Milan Panic's more intense involvement in philanthropic activities will encourage an even greater number of businessmen to get involved in creating much better conditions for the birth and development of children, improving education and further prosperity of society."

Within the B92 Fund's campaign, the clinic - one of the most important and largest health institutions in Serbia - has so far received eight incubators, as well as numerous other medical equipment. Including today's donation by Milan Panic, the total value of the donated equipment exceeds EUR 200,000, while the number of incubators has increased to nine.


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