Young Cannes Lions for refugees in Serbia

The winners of this year's Serbia Young Lions 2017 advertising competition for young professionals early in their careers have been announced.

Source: B92

The competition rules were clear: the applicants must work in Serbia within the advertising industry and be 30 years of age or younger. The winning team of two people will represent Serbia at the Cannes Young Lions festival of young creative advertising in the Print category.

The partner of this year's competition is Info Park, the center for the protection and empowerment of refugees in Belgrade, run by Fund B92 and the Trag Foundation. The assigned topic was "Refugee: a human" while competitors had 24 hours to respond to it creatively.

A total of 12 works have been received by a jury made up of previous Cannes winners: Veljko Golubovic, regional creative director, FCB Afirma - Jana Savic, creative director, McCann - Dragan Petkovic, creative director, Saatchi & Saatchi - and Slavisa Savic, art director, New Moment.

The jury also included Gordan Paunovic, manager of Info Park.

The winning entry is the work of Katarina Keti Zaharijev and Milica Radovic who, using authentic photographs by Marija Jankovic and Vladimir Zivojinovic, put real refugees into various life roles immortalized in imaginary, effective film posters.

"The work aims to show how people maintain their life roles (family, social ...) in all situations in which they find themselves, even in exile, and to remind us that each of us is above all a human. It is done in the form of posters for films whose endings depends on all of us. It aims to assist in identifying with the 'main characters' and touches people on a personal level," the authors said.

"The competition for conceptual design on the topic, 'Refugee: a human' came at a time when the question of humanity in relation to refugees is being posed more than ever," stresses Veran Matic of Fund B92.

"While people were passing through Serbia without staying, without any chance that they may become our neighbors and someone with whose children our children would go to school, it was easier to remain human. Today, over 9,000 people are virtually trapped in Serbia, most will not be able to continue across the closed borders, and it will take quite a while to find a solution which most probably prefer as an alternative to going to Europe - returning to the countries of origin. In the years ahead, we will live together, side by side, we will meet in the streets, in parks, markets, schools," said Matic, and added:

"Works such as these that we celebrate today, can be an important reminder to all of us, especially those who have doubts, that there are no important differences between us, that we all live the same dreams, we share the same concerns and the same hopes. These works invite each of us to wake up and preserve the human in us, and keep the spirit of charity and solidarity, which, despite the difficulties, has so far been louder than hatred and misunderstanding."

Info Park announced they will find a way to bring the winning entry and other quality ones closer to the public in Serbia.

"We make sure that the winning work finds its place in the streets of cities in Serbia, because it is striking in a way which met the assigned topic. This is a great work that directly communicates the power of life and humanity that refugees bring with them, despite the daunting obstacles that are on the their way to a better life. It is therefore important that it finds its way to as many citizens of Serbia as possible in order to deepen understanding between the two communities, locals and refugees," Gordan Paunovic.


"We need knowledge, not fake diplomas"

As in business, all services linked with the state – public institutions, state service, schools, everything is subject to the Party’s personnel policy. Not a single system would be able to sustain such dynamics and so large number of people who serve as universal professionals, capable of dealing with health-care, educations, social policy, business, whatever is needed. This had devastated educational system, as well as health, so it is very hard to introduce reforms if you lack the substance that will implement them.

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