"Chinese leaving as Serbian economy declines"

BELGRADE -- The number of Chinese nationals in Serbia has halved in comparison to 2014, President of the Association of Chinese Businessmen in Serbia Guo Xiao has said.


They are leaving because of the difficult economic situation, he explained.

According to the estimates of the Association of Chinese Businessmen, around 7,000 Chinese nationals lived in Serbia in 2014, and their number is now halved.

“The largest number of Chinese nationals left Serbia last year and at the start of 2015, “Xiao said for the Serbian section of global media company Gbtimes.

Shen Hong, owner of the company Shenex Industry and Trading Group that rents the shopping mall in Blok 70 in New Belgrade, said that around 2,000 Chinese entrepreneurs are currently living in Serbia, and the number continues to decline.

Chinese nationals are leaving Serbia, primarily because of the tough financial situation, as a drop in the living standard has an adverse effect on citizens' purchasing power. A stronger yuan also hurts their businesses, Shen said.