Government sends "financial stability" drafts to MPs

BELGRADE -- The Serbian government on Wednesday adopted a set of bills aimed at ensuring financial stability of the country's economic system.


The government adopted a bill amending the 2014 Budget Law of the Republic of Serbia, the government press office said in a statement.

Also adopted were draft decisions approving the decisions amending the financial plans of the pension and disability fund, the health insurance fund, the national employment service and the military social insurance fund.

The government also adopted a bill on temporary regulation of base salaries, earnings and other permanent incomes of beneficiaries of public funds, a bill on temporary regulation of the method of payment for pensions, and a bill amending the central register of compulsory social insurance.

The bills have been tabled to the Serbian parliament for consideration, the statement said.

Finance Minister Dušan Vujović told a news conference on Wednesday that parliament will start debating the proposals sent by the government on Friday, October 24.

He explained that the draft budget review increases spending from RSD 1.113 billion to RSD 1.122 billion, and cuts revenues from RSD 930 billion to RSD 897 billion.

Vujović also said that public sector salaries and pensions higher than RSD 25,000 (EUR 210) would be reduced starting on November 1. According to him, this is "a temporary and partial measure" that will not affect those with lowest income - among whom are 61 percent of Serbia's pensioners.