Serbia "improves slightly, but still highly corrupt"

Serbia is still highly corrupt - 71st among 168 countries - Transparency Serbia (TS) said during a news conference on Wednesday, Beta reported.

Source: Beta

Serbia has slightly improved on this list, having corruption perception index of 40 compared to 41 last year, and after ranking 78th then, the NGO said, noting however, that "the number of countries was greater last year - 175."

Like in the previous 15 years, Serbia is still among the countries with widespread corruption, a TS report on the corruption perception index for 2015, presented yesterday, stated.

TS President Vladimir Goati said corruption was "a resilient evil" and that fighting it was a job for several generations, Beta reported.

"All the countries with a corruption index below five, where we also belong, are considered as highly corrupt, unfortunately. We are closer to African and Asian countries than to Scandinavian and Western European ones. The politicians' elan to solve this problem quickly had resulted in some extensive operations, but without any major effect," Goati said, adding that the fight against corruption was "a long-term and a systemic one."


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