Police in Belgrade seize marijuana, ecstasy, cocaine, cash

The Serbian police on Monday arrested two suspects and seized 3.2 kilograms of marijuana in an apartment in New Belgrade.

Source: Tanjug

They also confiscated 4,565 ecstasy pills, five grams of cocaine, two electronic scales "with traces of cocaine," and EUR 1,620 and RSD 22,000 in cash, the Interior Ministry (MUP) said.

According to a statement, the value of the seized narcotics - "packed and ready to be sold to users" - reaches RSD 6.5 million.

The suspects have been named with their initials and year of birth: A.J. (1993) and M.Dj (1988). Both were staying in the apartment without registering their place of residence, the MUP said.

The suspects have been charged and brought before the Higher Public Prosecution in Belgrade.


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