Bosnia: Regionalization proposal on table

SARAJEVO -- A Bosniak member of the presidency is working on constitutional amendments that will see Bosnia with no entities.

According to Haris Silajd×iŠ's proposal, Bosnia would be a decentralized state composed of several, mostly multiethnic, regions.

The constitutional status of the Serbs, Croats and Muslims in Bosnia will remain intact, but the Constitution amended in this manner would prevent any territorial splitting of Bosnia.

Damir Arnaut, adviser to Silajd×iŠ, told Dnevni Avaz daily Friday the aim of constitutional changes is to make Bosnia a fully-functioning state ready to apply for EU candidacy as soon as possible.

“The new amended constitution would propose three levels of authority, aiming not to allow for either people to dominate at the highest, and mid level of power. Bosnia would have a parliament composed of two houses, president and government,” he explained.

The Bosniak proposal is expected to be finished in September, when intensive talks on numerous contentious issues that have been pressing Bosnia are due to kick off.

Members of Bosniak political parties hope Croat parties would embrace their decentralization proposal. Nevertheless, the current among Croat politicians that is gaining in strength advocates establishment of the third entity.

Meanwhile, Republic of Srpska (RS) President Milan JeliŠ says the Serb entity finds the regionalization of Bosnia unacceptable.

“We have seen in the Bosniak platform a wish to terminate the RS. This will not come to pass,” he said.

“The Republic of Srpska accepted Bosnia as its state in which it is on a par with the other entity,” JeliŠ explained.