Tesla belongs to all of humankind

ZAGREB -- Stjepan Mesić said that Nikola Tesla belongs to everyone and that his origin and nationality should not be argued over.

A conference celebrating the 150-year anniversary of Tesla’s birth will continue in Zagreb today, one of many manifestations held during 2006, which Croatia has proclaimed “the year of Tesla.”

Giving opening statements at the international scientific conference “The Life and Work of Nikola Tesla,” Croatian President Stjepan Mesić said that Tesla is most fascinating because of his genius and his contributions to science and technology.

Mesić said that every electric pole is a monument to Tesla and that no other individual in history has received such honours.

“Even if he did nothing more than introduce alternate-current power, his name would still remain forever written in the book of people who are most responsible for the development of human civilisation. ” Mesić said.

“Tesla should not be claimed or shared by anyone. His name is the world’s heritage, a heritage without which the world would be drawn apart, and lacking in riches. Croatia is happy that he was born under its wing, in Smiljan in Lica, a man who gave so much to the world and humankind was born.” Mesić said.

A Scientific Studies park and monument dedicated to Nikola Tesla will be unveiled on July 10 in the village of Smiljan.