Cardboard factory targeted by arsonists to be shut down

A cardboard factory in Belgrade's Ada Huja neighborhood where a fire last month killed two people will be shut down.


Tanjug learned this from the police, and reported that the Interior Ministry's Emergency Situations Sector will make this decision on Friday - after yet another fire broke out at the premises earlier in the day.

Unofficially, initial results of an investigation have raised suspicion that the fire was the work of arsonists - as it started in three separate locations at the cardboard depot.

At the same time, Belgrade Mayor Sinisa Mali has ordered inspectors to check the site under urgent procedure, and determine the facts - considering that four fires broke out at the factory over the past 60 days.

The one about 20 days ago injured several people, with one worker and one firefighter later succumbing to their wounds.

One firefighter was lightly injured while putting out the fire that broke out on Friday morning.


1.1 tons of narcotics destroyed in power plant

1,160 kilograms of narcotics and other psychoactive substances have been burned in the Nikola Tesla power plant in Belgrade's municipality of Obrenovac.

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