Bomb thrown at Serb returnee’s home

A bomb was thrown at Serb returnee Žarko Đurić’s house in the town of Istok last night, local Serbs told Radio Television of Serbia (RTS).

Source: Beta, RTS

Nobody was injured in the incident but the blast caused damage to the front door, walls and the roof.

The bomb was thrown at 1:00 CET. Đurić and his wife were inside the house when the bomb exploded.

Police are at the scene and they do not allow the few Serbs who live in Istok to approach the house.

The attack has upset the Serb returnees because this is the first such case in Istok since they returned to the town in 2006.

Only nine Serbs live in Istok now.

Harassment continues, Office for Kosovo deputy director says

Serbian government’s Office for Kosovo Deputy Director Krstimir Pantić has assessed that the bomb attack shows that international forces do not want to protect Serbs in Kosovo.

He told Beta news agency that he saw the incident as a pressure on Serbia to “accept the ultimatum from Brussels”.

Pantić added that the government’s Office for Kosovo requested from the international organizations to conduct an investigation, stressing that it was hard to expect any results since not a single case of bomb attacks had been solved so far.

“Like always when there are no results in the dialogue, Albanians continue with harassment and persecution of Serbs, mostly south of the Ibar River where Serbs are a minority, in enclaves,” he concluded.


Serbian Customs seize EUR 200k in cash, drugs

Serbian Customs officers late on Wednesday prevented two attempts to smuggle nearly EUR 200,000 in cash illegally out of the country.

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