Fans arrested over banner glorifying war crimes

A group of Novi Pazar football club fans have been arrested for putting up a banner mocking the victims of the Kosovo organ trafficking.

Source: B92

Five persons have been detained.

They are suspected of displaying the banner during a Serbian Cup game that Novi Pazar played against Belgrade's Rad FC last week.

The banner read, "Riddle solved, heart, kidney, lungs, long live Yellow House".

"Yellow House" is the name given by the media to the human organ trafficking case, where the victims were Kosovo Serb civilians.

The group of fans said after the game that their scandalous gesture was "an answer" to the Rad fans, who mocked the Muslim victims of Srebrenica during a game played in March.

Novi Pazar located in Serbia's southwestern region, home to a largest ethnic Bosniak (Muslim) population.


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