Šešelj underwent surgery, his party says

Serb Radical Party (SRS) leader Vojislav Šešelj underwent another surgery in a hospital outside the Hague Tribunal, the SRS has stated.

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The Radicals said in a statement that their leader had another surgery to replace a faulty defibrillator he was fitted with in early January.

According to his doctors, the device is working properly now. However, Šešelj still does not feel well and still has not felt any improvement.

Despite his poor condition, the Hague Tribunal has announced that he will be transferred back to the detention unit during the day, reads the SRS release.

The party believes the decision is scandalous bearing in mind Šešelj's experience after the previous surgery when he was taken to hospital on a daily basis because his condition kept deteriorating, it is said in the statement.

The SRS strongly condemns the Hague Tribunal's “monstrous actions“ aimed at deliberately wearing out Šešelj despite the fact that they had known for months that the defibrillator was not working properly.

It is obvious that the Tribunal will continue to put Šešelj's life at risk because it has no exit strategy that would end the political process and the Prosecution has been completely defeated because it has not proved a single count of the indictment, the SRS concluded.


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