Kosovo: Serb schoolchildren attacked at bus stop

KOSOVSKA KAMENICA -- A group of ethnic Albanian high school students on Wednesday evening attacked a group of Serb elementary school students in a Kosovo town.

The incident happened in Kosovska Kamenica, south of the Ibar River. A Serb-owned house was also set on fire in the area last night.

Kosovska Kamenica Mayor Boban Jevtić told reporters on Thursday that the Serb children were assaulted while they were waiting at a bus stop, and that "nobody was seriously injured because the school bus arrived as the fight broke out".

The Serb children are students of the Desanka Maksimović Elementary, and this was the fifth time they came under attack since the start of this school year, the mayor said.

Considering that the children are increasingly being targeted, it was agreed with the Kosovo police for their patrols to keep watch while the students are waiting for the bus. However, last night no policemen were present, and Jevtić believes that was what emboldened the attackers.

The presence of the school pedagogue at the bus stop did not prevent the ethnic Albanian students from attacking the group.

The Serb house that was set on fire in the village of Rajanovac was uninhabited and targeted on previous occasions, but the mayor noted that it was "destroyed this time".

He told reporters that the security situation in Kosovska Kamenica "never has been good", but that the latest series of incidents further aggravated it.

"The security situation is such that parents are reconsidering whether they should be sending their children to school. Incidents such as this remind us where we are, who we are, and that we will have no peace here," Jevtić concluded.