Central town mayor questioned in corruption case

KRAGUJEVAC -- Questioning of witnesses in the case against Radnički 1923 FC top officials started in the Higher Court in Kragujevac on Thursday.

Veroljub Stevanović (Tanjug, file)
Veroljub Stevanović (Tanjug, file)

Kragujevac Mayor Veroljub Stevanović was today questioned about a transfer of football player Filip Kostić.

He told reporters that he had given a statement as a witness, as a mayor and as a Radnički FC president.

“I told them everything I know about Filip Kostić's transfer but I would rather not present details to the public,” Stevanović said and reiterated that he had become the president of Radnički on April 6, 2012.

Radnički Vice President and Vice-President of Together for Šumadija Nebojša Vasiljević is suspected of incurring damages worth EUR 500,000 to the club during Kostić’s transfer together with Radnički Secretary-General Danko Stojanović and FIFA agent Zoran Pavlović.

The Kragujevac mayor said that Vasiljević “was under constant pressure by the Kragujevac police” and that the police also “pressured witnesses into saying that Vasiljević had taken the money from the transfer”.

Stevanović accused a Kragujevac police inspector of forcing Kostić’s family and manager to testify that certain amount of money had been given to Vasiljević.

“After I gave him advice, Vasiljević notified the public about everything, he even placed an ad in the Kragujevac papers,” he said.

The Higher Court President Zorica Đurić told Tanjug that around 20 witnesses from Serbia and certain number from abroad would be questioned during the investigation.

She added that Vasiljević, Stojanović and Pavlović had been remanded in custody so they would not influence witnesses.

Đurić also noted that the questioning of foreign witnesses could take up to six months.

Vasiljević, Stojanović and Pavlović were arrested on December 24 and were remanded in custody the following day.