Spain to extradite Zemun gang member to Serbia

MADRID -- Spain's National Court said Wednesday it had approved the extradition of Zemun gang member Vladimir Milisavljević aka Vlada Budala to Serbia.

Vladimir Milisavljević (file)
Vladimir Milisavljević (file)

Milisavljević is one of the men convicted of killing Serbian Prime Minister Zoran Đinđić in 2003.

Milisavljević was sentenced in absentia in 2007 to 35 years in prison for his role, along with other members of the Zemun gang, in Đinđić's muder in Belgrade.

Spanish police arrested Zemun gang leader Luka Bojović, Milisavljević, Siniša Petrić, and Vladimir Mijanović in a restaurant in the eastern Spanish city of Valencia on February 9, 2012.

Spain's top criminal court agreed to the extradition in a decision dated December 20 and published Wednesday, AFP has reported.

The ruling stipulated that Serbia must give Milisavljević a trial if he requests it because the original sentence was handed down in his absence.

Before his extradition, Milisavljević must first serve his sentence for any criminal cases in Spain, where he is accused of various crimes including murder and illegal possession of weapons, the court added.

Serbia has been seeking his extradition since March. The Serbian Justice Ministry requested Spain to extradite Bojović and Petrić as well. The Spanish judiciary approved Petrić's extradition to Serbia at the end of November 2012.

In Serbia, they are charged with several dozen murders and other serious crimes, including the assassination of Đindjić.

Bojović is being tried in absentia for three murders and two attempted murders, while Milisavljević was sentenced to 40 years in prison for crimes he committed as a Zemun gang member. He was sentenced to another 35 years for his role in the assassination of the prime minister and to seven more years for kidnapping Delta Holding owner Miroslav Mišković.

Petrić received a 15-year prison sentence for a murder and he has yet to spend three years and ten months in prison since he fled the country while serving the sentence.

Milisavljević was considered to be one of the closest associates of killed Zemun gang leader Dušan Spasojević aka Šiptar.