Police arrest Delta Holding owner

BELGRADE -- The Serbian police arrested Delta Holding owner Miroslav Mišković, his son Marko and another eight persons on Wednesday morning.

A combo photo of Marko and Miroslav Mišković (Beta)
A combo photo of Marko and Miroslav Mišković (Beta)

Nibens Group owner Milo Đurašković is also among the arrested persons.

They are suspected of abuses during privatization of road construction and maintenance companies.

Miroslav Mišković and other suspects were remanded in custody for 48 hours and taken to the Organized Crime Prosecution.

His son Marko owns company Mera Investment Fund while Đurašković, aside from Nibens Group, also owns Sheer Corporation and PTP Niš.

The police also arrested former Directors of PZP Niš Milutin Gašević and Zoran Mihailović, PZP Niš Shareholders Assembly President Dejan Jevtić, Delta Broker Director Predrag Filipović, Share Corporation Director Risto Ristić, PZP Niš shareholder Zoran Kaitović and Conzit appraiser Rašo Zdravko.

They are suspected of abuse of office through which they illegally obtained more than EUR 30mn for Miroslav and Marko Mišković and Đurašković, Radio Television of Serbia (RTS) has learnt.

According to the criminal charges Miroslav and Marko Mišković and Đurašković took out funds and property worth around EUR 30mn in the period from 2005 until the end of 2010, while they were co-owners of the privatized company PZP Niš and thus caused damages to PZP Niš and several other road maintenance companies.

It is suspected that Miroslav Mišković illegally obtained around EUR 1.5mn through a single transaction. PZP Niš took out a loan worth EUR 23mn from Mišković’s company Hemslade Trading for the privatization of PZP Belgrade in 2005 with an annual interest rate of three percent. However, instead of EUR 25mn Mišković received EUR 26.5mn.

Đurašković is suspected of abuse of office and illegally obtaining around EUR 12mn during the sale of shares in Nemetali Topola limestone mine. Around EUR 4.5mn ended up on his accounts and another EUR 7.5mn was transferred to the account of his company Sheer Corporation.

Marko Mišković illegally obtained around EUR 18mn thanks to the sale of 47.59 percent of shares in PZP Niš.

Organized Crime Prosecutor Miljko Radisavljević said that the probe into Mišković’s business operations with Nibens Group was not over and that the investigative organs were currently investigating financial reports.

According to the prosecutor, a financial investigation is also underway that should determine how Mišković obtained the money he invested in Nibens Group.

Mišković, the owner of Serbia's largest privately-owned company, was first questioned by the police on December 3.

Đurašković was questioned the following week, when Mišković was summoned for a second interview.

Marko Mišković was questioned on Friday about his companies cooperation with Nibens Group.

Lawyer files appeal against detention

Lawyer Zdenko Tomanović has appealed a ruling placing his client, Delta Holding owner Miroslav Mišković, in 48-hour detention.

Under the law, the appeal is to be considered and decided upon by the judge in charge within 24 hours.

Mišković was taken as suspect to the Prosecutor's Office for Organized Crime for questioning Wednesday morning.

After the interrogation that is in progress is completed, the judge will decide whether to extend Mišković's detention for up to 30 days, place him in house arrest or have him released pending trial.