Ex-pharmaceutical company director detained

BELGRADE -- The special court in Belgrade detained former director of Jugohemija Smiljka Mileusnić-Adžić for up to one month and instituted proceedings against her.

A file photo of Smiljka Mileusnić-Adžić (Tanjug)
A file photo of Smiljka Mileusnić-Adžić (Tanjug)

Prosecutor for Organized Crime Miljko Radisavljević confirmed this late on Tuesday.

Mileusnić-Adžić is suspected of taking part in the illegal order to purchase swine flu vaccines in 2009, which stripped the country's budget of EUR 1.27mn, the prosecutor added.

Radisavljević said that the investigation is now being carried out against four persons. Besides Mileusnić-Adžić, it includes the previous suspects - former director of the Republic Institute for Health Insurance Svetlana Vukajlovicć director of the company Jugohemija-Farmacija Vladimir Gravar and director of Detap Ljubomir Pavićević.

The prosecutor noted that whether the investigation will be expanded to include even more people will depend on the evidence found.

B92's Insajder (Insider) investigative program reported some three weeks ago that although the names of 14 persons were on the list of those suspected of involvement in the swine flu vaccine case - Mileusnić-Adžić among them - only three had faced criminal charges un to that point.

Mileusnić-Adžić, who is the sister of Milka Forcan - former vice president of Serbia's largst privately-owned company, Delta Holding - is suspected of abuse of office, and if tried and found guilty could be sent to prison for up to 12 years.