Suspected Hungarian Nazi fit to stand trial

BUDAPEST -- The war crimes trial of Sandor Kepiro, a 97-year-old Hungarian former member of WW2 fascist Hungary's occupying foces, resumed on Thursday in Budapest.

The war crimes trial went ahead after doctors determined that he was healthy enough to take part.

Judge Bela Varga said at the start of the session that medical exams he ordered last week concluded that Kepiro is physically and mentally fit.

Doctors noted that while Kepiro has significant hearing problems and needs hearing aids, he is able to understand what is going on.

The judge also said that quieter conditions, including some restrictions on the press, would be imposed in the courtroom to ensure that Kepiro's hearing problems "are not amplified".

Varga said the trial would continue next week and if the hearings are held as scheduled, a verdict could be announced on June 3.

Kepiro is charged with involvement in the deaths of about 36 people in the northern Serbian city of Novi Sad during a raid by Hungarian forces in January 1942. A total of at least 1,200 innocent Jews, Serbs and Roma were killed in the space of three days.