Group of robbers arrested

BELGRADE -- Police have arrested a group of six suspected of committing over 30 robberies of banks, post offices, gas stations, exchange offices and stores.

According to the police statement, Stefan Pejović (22), Nemanja Veličković (23), Marko Perišić (23), Zvezdan Ivković (20), Jovan Šmigić (21), and Cvetko Vasić (18), all from Belgrade, were arrested, while police are still looking for Borko Brkljač (21).

The suspects have stolen over RSD 10mn since 2008.

They robbed the Pireus Bank for RSD 75,000 and EUR 4,000, took EUR 15,000 from the Vojvođanska Bank, and RSD 400,000 from the main post office in Zemun, as well as robbing many other banks, stores, and exchange offices.

It was confirmed that the group also robbed Jugopetrol, Lukoil and other gas stations a total of 19 times.