Op Balkan Warrior suspect extradited

BELGRADE -- Special Prosecutor for Organized Crime Miljko Radisavljević said that another suspect in the Balkan Warrior operation was extradited to Serbia.

The operation as mounted to break up an international ring of drug traffickers.

Radisavljević also told reporters in Belgrade on Sunday that his office was working on the arrest of the remaining suspects in cooperation with foreign counterparts.

The prosecutors added that the investigation on the case was launched against 17 persons and that nine wer currently in custody, while eight were beyond the reach of the Serbia’s legal organs.

A ninth suspect was extradited to Serbia from Bosnia-Herzegovina last week.

Radisavljević recalled that Balkan Warrior saw two tons and 174 kilos of cocaine seized on the territory of Uruguay, and later 500 kilos in Argentina, and underscored that this was one of the largest drug seizures golobally in 2009.

According to Radisavljević, the organizer of the criminal group for illegal drug trafficking in the international waters, based on the present findings, was Željko Vujanović, who was arrested in Kragujevac in October, 2009.

The total value of the property which is under financial investigation based on the Law on the Seizure of Property Stemming from Criminal Acts is estimated at over EUR 10mn and is mostly acquired by illegal drug trafficking, Radisavljević also said on Sunday.

Radisavljević said that in ten months, that is since the beginning of the law's implementation, the Special Prosecutor's Office has launched 21 financial investigations that involve 208 owners of illegally acquired property.

Radisavljević underscored that the prosecution issued eight requests for temporary and one for permanent seizure of property stemming from criminal activity in the previous year, adding that the requests mostly referred to family houses, business facilities, apartments, building land, cars and money.

The special prosecutor recalled that so far, the lot of over 20 acres in Šilerova St. in the municipality of Zemun has been permanently seized from the leaders of the Zemun Gang.

Minister of Justice Snežana Malović pointed out that the seized property will be used for opening of new kindergartens, schools, safe houses and invested in the institutions that fight against crime.