Kosovo: Stray bullets and beatings

GNJILANE -- A 24-year-old Serb, Vasko Arsić, was shot in the foot in the village of Donja Budriga in Gnjilane last night, but is in stable condition.

The on-duty surgeon at Gračanica hospital, Miodrag Stanišić, said that the bullet was lodged in Arsić’s foot and added that the young man would be operated on. Arsić told B92 he felt well and did not know where the bullet had come from.

“I was with a friend, we left the house and in front of the gate at my house a stray bullet hit me in the foot. We didn’t even hear shooting, it happened all at once, my friend and I didn’t know how. They are supposed to be taking the bullet out of my foot today,” he said.

Kosovo police spokesman Ismet Hashani said that an investigation was ongoing, but that the injury had been caused by a stray bullet by the looks of things.

Meanwhile, another incident is reported to have occurred in the village of Brod, near Štrpce, where an Albanian flag was hoisted above a Serb Orthodox church. Police have since removed the flag.

The day prior to Kosovo independence celebrations, police arrested an Albanian from Kačanik, who entered a cafe carrying an explosive device.

Elsewhere, in Lipanj, three Serbs, Jovana Mirić and Ivan and Igor Trajković, were assaulted by a gang of Albanians just before midnight. According to local Serbs, they were ambushed outside Mirić's house by a group of bat-wielding Albanians.

The three Serbs were taken to hospital in Gračanica and the incident has been reported to the police.