UNMIK to investigate “yellow house”

BELGRADE, PRIŠTINA -- UNMIK has formed a team to investigate the allegations of the illegal trafficking of human organs in Albania.

Serbian War Crimes Prosecutor Vladimir Vukčević confirmed that UNMIK would be investigating the case further.

UNMIK officials informed Deputy War Crimes Prosecutor Dragoljub Stanković that a team would be formed in Priština today to investigate the case.

According to reports, UNMIK invited Stanković to join the investigation.

UNMIK earlier claimed that there had been no investigation of illegal trafficking of the organs of non-Albanians during and after the conflicts in Kosovo.

A B92 investigative team has, however, published a report that confirms that UNMIK and Hague Tribunal investigators did look into the case.

The reports shows that UNMIK and Hague Tribunal officials visited northern Albanian in 2004, searched the so-called “yellow house” that former Hague Chief Prosecutor Carla Del Ponte described as the scene of the crimes in her recently published book, and took material evidence that was found there to a morgue in Orahovac.

“I can tell you that UNMIK has informed me today that it has formed an investigative team and that they have invited my deputy to join the team,” Vukčević told B92.

“I believe this is a great victory for us. I now expect to see what UNMIK has in mind, then we will see. But, the Serbian prosecution must be present in all of these activities,” Vukčević said.