"Prosecutor happy with Albania meeting"

TIRANA -- Serbia's War Crimes Prosecutor Vladimir Vukčević is in Albania today, it has been confirmed for B92.

He will met with that country's state prosecutor Ina Rama in Tirana earlier on Monday.

Vučković and his associates are in Tirana as part of an investigation launched in March into the possibility that Kosovo Serbs were kidnapped and taken to Albania where their organs were removed after the 1999 war in the province.

The probe was triggered by allegations found in former Chief Hague Prosecutor Carla Del Ponte's book, "The Hunt".

Prosecution spokesman Bruno Vekarić said today in Tirana after the meeting that it was "of exceptional quality, regardless of the diametrically opposed positions in the process and established facts".

He told Beta news agency that the office he represents "has an obligation toward the victims and the families of the murdered and kidnapped to establish direct communication with the Albanian prosecution with jurisdiction".

"The essence is to go precisely to the place where according to Carla Del Ponte's claims the trade took place, which is what we did today. Prosecutor Vučković gave Albania's chief prosecutor a part of the material we have in this case," Vekarić was quoted.

According to this spokesman, all the information about the case will also be sent to the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly special rapporteur Dick Marty.

The meeting today was mediated by the U.S. embassy in Belgrade's legal adviser's office.