UNMIK employee attacked in Dečani

PRIŠTINA -- Luis Perez, an UNMIK employee in Dečani, has been physically attacked in the town, report Serbian-language media.

Quoting international sources in Kosovo, they say that Perez was attacked at 22.45 CET on Thursday night, as he was entering his flat in Dečani.

Perez was attacked by three men who were hiding in the shadows as he entered his block of flats. They ambushed him with the intention of assaulting him. In attempting to defend himself, Perez sustained head injuries, it is reported.

This is the second case of a serious attack on an UN employee in the town since the decision of UNMIK Chief Joachim Ruecker to order the local authorities to return land to the High Dečani monastery confiscated after the 1999 conflict.

The Dečani municipal administration decided last week to ignore the decree and break off contact with UNMIK’s two representatives in the town.