Hague Tribunal facing busy week

THE HAGUE -- The Appeals Chamber is to deliver its verdict in the cases of Enver Hadžihasanović and Amir Kubura tomorrow.

On Wednesday, it will hear the arguments of the defense and the prosecution in the Pavle Strugar case; both parties have appealed the first-instance verdicts.

The defense cases in the trials of General Rasim Delić and Sreten Lukić will enter their final stages, while the prosecution case will continue to put its case at the trials of Croatian generals charged with crimes in Operation Storm, and in the Vojislav Šešelj case.

There will be a pre-defense conference at the trial of former Herceg Bosna officials.

In March 2006, former Bosnian Muslim Army 3rd Corps commander Hadžihasanović and former commander of the7th Muslim brigade Kubura were found guilty of failure to prevent and punish crimes committed by their subordinates.

Hadžihasanović was sentenced to five and Kubura to two and a half years in prison. The defense appealed against the verdict, calling for it to be overturned; the prosecution appealed too, asking for the sentences to be doubled to 10 years for the former, and 5 years for the latter.

The Appeals Chamber has ordered the two accused to be present in court to hear the verdict.

Former JNA General Strugar was sentenced to eight years in prison for the shelling of Dubrovnik’s Old Town on December 6, 1991. The defense will deliver its arguments first, before the prosecution sets out why it wants the Appeals Chamber to impose a harsher sentence. Strugar himself will have the opportunity to address the Appeals Chamber, if he chooses to do so.

At the trial of six former Serbian officials charged with crimes in Kosovo in 1999, Police General Lukić’s defense team will call its last witness, who will testify under the pseudonym 6D1. The court will then hear expert witnesses called by the defense teams of the other five accused, followed by witnesses called by the Trial Chamber itself.

Former commander of the Bosnian Army General Staff Delić’s lawyers will call the last witness in its case. The defendant is charged with crimes committed by the El Mujahid Detachment in central Bosnia.

On Monday, there will be a pre-defense conference in the case of six former Herceg Bosna officials on trial for crimes in Herzegovina and central Bosnia in 1993 and 1994, with the defense due to open its case on May 5.

Meanwhile, the prosecution will continue its case at the trial of Croatian Generals Ante Gotovina, Ivan Čermak and Mladen Markač, charged with crimes during Operation Storm, as well as at the trial of Serb Radical Party (SRS) leader Šešelj, who is charged with crimes against humanity in Croatia, Bosnia-Hercegovina and Vojvodina.