Guard leader fined, released

KURŠUMLIJA -- Police in Kuršumlija yesterday arrested the leader of the self-styled Guard of Tsar Lazar.

Hadži Andrej Milić was detained after his group of twenty followers disobeyed a Serbian police (MUP) order not to hold a rally at a local mediaeval monastery.

Milić and two Guard members were brought before a judge because some 20 members had rallied outside the monastery in spite of the ban. They were each fined with RSD 10,000 for breaking the law on public gatherings.

The on-duty officer at the police administration, Boban Miković, said in a statement yesterday that this rally had been registered, but not approved, and that this was the reason Milić and the other members were sent before the judge.

Several dozen policemen equipped with riot-breaking gear blocked access and prevented the Guard members from reaching the site.

The Guard members dispersed, but then rallied once again after their commander was detained.