"Extremists in Kosovo funded from Middle East"

PRIŠTINA -- It is suspected that EUR 50 million "arrived in Kosovo over the past several years from Middle Eastern countries," reports have said.

Speaking for the RTK outlet in Priština, Baskim Zeqiri, introduced as an expert studying terrorism financing, noted that there was "solid legal ground in Kosovo to finance terrorism - because the main problem is a lack of political will."

"In its report last year the U.S. Department of State raised several objections to the way the Kosovo government and its institutions handled the issue of terrorist financing, stressing that they should approach it more seriously," he said, and added:

"It was pointed out that the source of funding of several non-governmental organizations was unknown, and also that Kosovo was not addressing the problem."

"According to estimates that we have, it is suspected that EUR 50 million arrived in Kosovo from Middle East countries over the last few years alone. The origin of these funds remains to be determined, transactions need to be analyzed, analytical profiles compiled, which all requires a very serious approach," said Zeqiri.