Detention ordered for suspects in attack on German

BELGRADE -- The Higher Court in Belgrade has ordered detention of up to 30 days for three persons suspected of assaulting a German citizen over the weekend.


They have been identified with their initials as S.V, L.M., and V.I.

The 27-year-old victim, identified as D.H., was in Belgrade attending a conference on LGBT rights. The incident happened in the early hours of Saturday when, after a brief altercation at a fast-food kiosk, one of the suspects "knocked D.H. out."

The victim is still in the hospital, recovering from his injuries.

The suspects were charged with inflicting severe bodily injury, and also with causing ethnic, racial and religious intolerance and hatred.

If found guilty on the first charge, they could be sentenced from six months up to five or eight years in prison. On the second count, they could be sent to jail from one to eight years.

The court said the criminal act would be qualified based on expert findings and the gravity of the injuries.