Top officials urge Serbs to vote in elections

Top Serbian officials have urged Serbs in Kosovo to vote in local elections on Sunday, saying that only a high turnout would ensure their "survival" there.

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  1. Support to the Kosovo Serbs in the elections for the Serbian community of municipalities. This election will determine the exact number of Kosovo Albanians enrolled in the voter lists 1.8 million, which is obviously more registered voters than residents.
    (zira, 5 November 2013 15:13)

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  2. Serbs have been ignoring pristina law for years and i see no reason why Serbs wouldn't continue to ignore pristina even if Albanians win all these elections. Who cares? what would it mean? Nothing. All Serbs must vote on rePublic of Kosovo Central election commission ballots anyway which means they love independent Kosovo.
    (Brian, 3 November 2013 04:53)

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  3. If Dacic is so in love with the Kosovo elections, why doesn't he go to his birth town of Prizren himself, sign his Kosovo citizenship papers and vote for his favourite best mate Hashim Thaci. Hey, Dacic can even stay a while and have coffee with the Turkish PM and discuss faster ways of destroying Serbia from the inside.
    (Kosovo_Polje1389, 2 November 2013 14:47)

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  4. "Your Serbia is calling you and wants to help you to, with your children, live in your home, on your property, safely and with hope in the eyes. Do not make a mistake, the mistake we would never be able to correct."

    Is anybody surprised why the joint statement did not say; "To live in Republic of Serbia"!!!
    Serb politicians and majority of Serbs know that Kosova is an Independent country.
    (the truth, 2 November 2013 07:27)

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  5. "Your Serbia is calling you and wants to help you to, with your children, live in your home, on your property, safely and with hope in the eyes. Do not make a mistake, the mistake we would never be able to correct."
    Don't make a mistake people, don't vote for an independent Kosovo!
    The EU has nothing to offer you!
    (Joachim, 1 November 2013 22:08)

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  6. Serbs need to pose wisely and prudently, and to vote. Because, if they boycotted the elections, they will be coming to a situation that in parts of Kosovo where Serbs were the majority people power is in the hands of Albanians. In this case, the survival of Serbs in Kosovo will be called into question.
    (To be or not to be, 1 November 2013 21:56)

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  7. They also said that the Serbs "after years of defeat, anxiety and uncertainty" were provided with an opportunity for the Serb communities in Kosovo to win and create a community through which to remain inextricably linked to the state of Serbia.

    In This paragraph, the Serbian leadership says it all! To create??? Hahaha, I thought it was already created a long time ago? Only a fool wouldn't be able to interpret the true meaning? But then again, some Serbs have always had a hard time digesting reality & the truth!!!
    (Rocky, 1 November 2013 18:13)

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  8. No election will preserve the Serbian Communities in Kosovo,
    when the Mideast War comences and Albania comes for Kosovo.

    (Arn.Sweden., 1 November 2013 18:08)

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