Some countries "trying to thwart Serbia’s EU integration"

Serbia’s Deputy Prime Minister Božidar Đelić says some countries are trying to convince other EU member states to set additional conditions for Serbia.

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  1. Tell us who those countries are otherwise we don;t believe you.
    (A, 10 October 2011 16:11)

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  2. "humiliating quisling regime imposed upon us"

    There it is again!

    And, no one can explain how this is so.

    Don't you guys get tired of repeating the same baseless stuff?
    (Danilo, 10 October 2011 09:02)

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  3. "Some contries trying to thwart EU integration". I didn't realize that Dacic was a country.
    (Tom in Lazybrook, 10 October 2011 01:37)

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  4. Presevo, Bujanovac, Vojvodina etc will not secede from Serbia so stop posting your fantasies on this website.
    (trizo, 9 October 2011 23:24)

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  5. "Some countries trying to thwart Serbia’s EU integration"

    Indeed, most of all Serbia.
    (Observer, 9 October 2011 23:10)

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  6. it really is incredible how far gone serb politicians are...

    dancing monkeys.
    (adamnyc, 9 October 2011 22:55)

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  7. You are right Mr Delic, very soon Presevo, Bujanovc, Sanjak and Vojvodina will organise their own elections independently and democratically as you say.
    (avi, 9 October 2011 22:06)

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  8. Now this is finger pointing. The regime realizes the EU has no alternative campaign is a complete failure so now the regime needs to blame everybody but themselves. Is it true there are some in the EU working against Serbia's membership to the EU? Yes. But the regime should of and did know about this from the get go. They need be to held accountable for their failed policy and will be in the upcoming elections.

    Vote for Dveri Srpske, a breath of fresh air in Serbia's corrupted political scene.
    (Ari Gold, 9 October 2011 20:36)

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  9. MikeC

    I seriously hope so too. We can do without complications like a Serbia in the EU.
    (adriatik, 9 October 2011 20:06)

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  10. What a clown. Serbia is years and years away from joining the EU, even if everyone in the EU wanted them to join.
    (Lazar, 9 October 2011 17:27)

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  11. This government should stop fooling the people about EU integration. They have claimed all along that they know of no new conditions to join the EU. This government in Serbia reminds me of an ostrich putting its head in the sand. There is more to come, just wait until the Croats start blackmailing Serbia that in order to join they must pay war retribution. Why else are the Croats continuing with their claims to the international court. They will enter the EU and then will have a fun time blackmailing Serbia. It is time that Serbia's government wakes up and smells the coffee.
    (Gavran Gabaj, 9 October 2011 16:50)

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  12. Shame on you Serbia for producing only Criminals.
    (Federer, 9 October 2011 16:32)

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  13. adriatik: that can be turned around, until Kosovo has normal relations with Serbia, it cannot join the EU. Disregarding the fact that Kosovo is not a country ofcourse, :) seing as you regarded it when calling Kosovo Serbia's neighbour
    (dbader, 9 October 2011 14:03)

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  14. adriatik-to put it bluntly, kosovo is not a country.
    (Srboljub, 9 October 2011 13:25)

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  15. adriatik

    Well look who's talking. Don't albanians always bleme Serbia for Kosovos lack of progress. The refusal of Serbias recognition of Kosovo is hindering Kosovos development it is often said.

    The party that advocates an anti-European policy will win the next election.
    (MikeC, 9 October 2011 13:17)

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  16. "increased level of euroskepticism in Serbia"

    LOL. Thats the best understatement of today. It´s quite safe to say that both the €U and this humiliating quisling regime imposed upon us, would be totally rejected should Serbs been given a democratic and fair chance to do so. The more the hapless quislings speaks of "no alternative", every day 24/7, the more Serbs wakes up from the €U-coma and self hating flagellation. Naturally, for them there are no future but continuing submission, we should take to the streets like the westerners and throw this idiots out. Enough is enough..
    (wtf, 9 October 2011 13:05)

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  17. It's always the fault of others isn't it? EU accession requires normalization of affairs with your neighbors. Serbia does not have such relations with Kosovo. Until this happens, I can't see how Serbia can get into the EU. So to put it bluntly, its either Kosovo or Europe
    (adriatik, 9 October 2011 12:29)

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  18. Again, unknown country X wants to coerce unknown country Y. Why he does not tell the name of the countries? Why not the Serbian press asks him the decisive questions?

    This is such a staged Blablabla.
    (JohnC., 9 October 2011 12:27)

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