Diplomats condemn attack on Serb monastery

Foreign diplomats have condemned a rocket attack against one of the most revered Serb Orthodox monasteries in Kosovo.

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  1. Of course this is a dirty game of Serb propaganda and in particular a dirty game of Kostunica. Albanians have no interest on hitting at a serb church, especially at this time. Only The serb government would have some interest if Serb churches are attacked at this critical time when Kosova is moving towards Independence.
    But anyway, Serbs tried to do these dirty propagandas all along but failed to succeed because the serbs are forgetting the fact that now the USA and EU diplomats and agents are all over Kosova and Serbia and they know who plans these dirty attacks.
    Also, Kosova will be formally accepted as an independent country anyway, no matter if Kostunica plans these kind of attacks on Serb churches or not.
    Now im waiting to see dream type-comments of people who have lost the concept of time and reality such... Princip and his alikes.

    Thank you
    (Afrim Hoxha, 1 April 2007 15:12)

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  2. There is no evidence that such an attack has happened. The KPS intervened immediately but no evidence of attack was found, which was also reported by the KFOR. This is just another "post Milosevic" type of game!
    (Enis XHEMAILI, 1 April 2007 16:58)

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  3. well, my dear afrim, as you mentioned it before...

    in your dreams!

    even the italian kfor-soldiers heard (!) themselves that it was a mortar attack...

    and that you are putting the blame on the Serbs by using the term "dirty" shows me, what kind of person you are!

    I would say there are some of your fellow-albanians who deliberately wanna cause an escalation, because it is in their interest ( as western sources have straightened it out, while the anti-serbian-pogrom in march ´04 the criminal k-albanian "rulers" used the turmoil in KiM for bigger drug deal, but of course reading that, you will be saying this is only "dirty serbian propaganda" and the western security sources have never said that... )

    just continue writing the way you are, my non-serbian friends are following all this, and you do me a big favour!
    (jovan, 1 April 2007 18:08)

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  4. That's the pot calling the kettle black scenario. Anyone who understands the Serbs mentality knows that it is highly unlikey that these acts were done buy Serbs to generate simpathy from the internationl community.
    (Zoran, 1 April 2007 19:13)

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  5. Dear "Kosovars", welcome to the 21st century! Need some pictures from the attacked monastery? Will not repeat that it is UNESCO site and everything else, the diplomats on the scene knows very well who is who in Kosovo!
    (deda, 1 April 2007 19:25)

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  6. If the old saying "ignorance is bliss" holds any truth, some of the Albanians on this site must be orgasmic. The amount of denial of reality and unwillingness to accept that extremist elements in their own ranks are bent on causing as much instability as possible in Kosovo is incredibly troubling, and I'm not sure which angers me more: the extremism still orchestrated against Serbs, or the general denial that any extremism exists and that these events are "dirty tricks" and "Serbian propaganda."

    And we're supposed to be giving you a state to govern?
    (Mike, 1 April 2007 20:37)

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  7. Afrim & Enis,

    such comments further undermine any trust in the prospects of protecting minority rights if the IC were foolish enough to implement plan A-htisaari. Regarding Serb propaganda and no evidence I suggest you read more international news such as the International Herald Tribune who carried an AP piece "Diplomats condemn rocket attack on Serb Orthodox monastery in Kosovo"

    But then I am certain given your comments you would suggest that all attacks on non-Albanians are self inflicted!!!
    (Princip, UK, 1 April 2007 21:10)

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  8. Afrim and Enis,

    You guys are hilarous! In conclusion, albanians are innocent because:
    1) The Serbs dit it to themselves.
    2) It never happened.

    That's brilliant! Case closed. (Ironic? Moi?)
    (Carl, 1 April 2007 23:32)

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  9. For the sake of argument, lets assume that serbs did do this for propaganda purposes. I just find it funny how albanians are complaining about it so much, since they were doing the same thing during the conflict with serb security forces. Seems like albanians can only dish it out. Your own medicine is bitter, isn't it?
    (yogi, 2 April 2007 00:23)

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  10. All I have to say is that it seems as though "UDB" is still active and in some people opinions very highly effective too.
    (One Albanian, 2 April 2007 01:03)

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  11. I said it before and I will say it again -- KFOR is a useless white elephant!

    The relics of Abu Simbel in Egypt were moved from its original site to pave the way for the Aswan dam.

    Maybe the solution would be to move the entire monastery, bricks and all to north Kosovo, where the Serb majority can protect it. This is just a suggestion. I admit that as an outsider I am not totally aware of the emotional and logistical contraints of this suggestion except that it has been done before in Egypt.
    (lowe, 2 April 2007 02:58)

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  12. [link]

    "Decani Monastery has been attacked three times after the war in 1999 by mortar grenades. In February and June 2000 extremists from the former KLA fired several grenades on the monastery compound. In March 2004 the mortar attack in which 7 grenades landed 50 meters from the church was stopped after the direct intervention of the NATO Headquaters in Naples and high diplomatic circles. Last year the chief of local war veterans of KLA openly threatened the monastery and Italian KFOR and in April 2006 they staged protests requesting KFOR protection of the monastery to be lifted."

    An albanian is trying to isolate the monastery physically, through new (illegal) constructions.
    (M.R., 2 April 2007 06:00)

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  13. This is what the world has to look forward to in a independent Kosovo. Almost 200 sites have been desecrated or destroyed with a NATO force standing by, the world in command, and the international community here. We have failed!

    How dare the albanians and their sympathizers claim that Serbs would attack their own church? Is this is the kind of rhetoric and acts the world is about to reward with independence?

    This is the same thing the world heard in the immediate aftermath of '99. When Churches were torched in '99 what were the Albanian claims, 'they were Milosevic Churches and of political value, not a religious one'.

    One as a fellow Christian, even though a Latin - Rite Catholic, attacks on Churches no matter what date they were consecrated are disgraceful. There is no reason that in the 21st in Europe, Christendom, that our fellow Christians suffer like this.

    The second argument that came out of the albanian camp was that these Churches were actually 'illyrian catholic' Churches and were seized amongst the 'forced slavic-zation' of the balkans.

    May God protect us.
    (Anthony, 2 April 2007 07:52)

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  14. Monastery in deqani was not attacked during March 17 Riots, why would be attacked now ? Please abybody with little comon sence, explain this to me and others in this site.What a coincedent was that father Teodeje was up at the time when explosion happended, wow it is very strange ah.
    (Ahmet Isufi, 2 April 2007 09:32)

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  15. Some facts to those people who think that Serbia is heaven when it comes to human and religious rights...
    Here is the information:
    Jews:"The Jewish community had between 2,000 and 3,000 persons. Jewish leaders in Serbia reported continued incidents of anti-Semitism, including anti-Semitic graffiti, vandalism, small circulation anti-Semitic books, and Internet postings. HCS reported in November that anti-Semitism had grown in intensity in recent years. HCS noted that in recent years, Serbia's publishing sector published various anti-Semitic books, with titles such as Jewish Ritual Murder, The Jewish Conspiracy, and Why I Admire Adolf Hitler. According to Jewish community members, the release of such publications often led to an increase in hate mail and other expressions of anti-Semitism. Several nationalist, far-right organizations identified themselves with anti-Semitic rhetoric, displaying swastikas and using hate speech. The National Front was one of the most active of these groups during the past few years, mixing anti-Semitic rhetoric with anti-Western messages. HCS noted in November that the government's response to such hate speech was often inadequate.
    In late August 2007, a group of skinheads reportedly wearing Nazi symbols beat two Israeli tourists. One victim reported that the group was chanting "Auschwitz, Auschwitz." At year's end, no one had been charged in connection with this beating.

    Acts against christianity in Serbia.
    This following information is for everyone but especially for ANTHONY, the LATIN RITE CACHOLIC.
    Attacks against Christian churches in Serbia:
    "During the span of three days from December 16 to 19 2007, unidentified attackers threw Molotov cocktails at the offices of the Evangelical church in Kraljevo, and threw stones at the Baptist church and the Holy Spirit Catholic church in Novi Sad; the investigations were ongoing at year's end but nothing found so far."
    These are just some information to show how other religions are treated in Serbia.
    During the war in Kosova, hundreds of catholic churches and muslim mosques were destroyed by Serb paramilitaries. If serbs would really care for christianity then they wouldnt destroy the catholic churches, but they did so just because they were cacholit albanian churches.
    ALso, even in this day, Seselj still accuses the VATICAN and the POPE PAUL II for what is happening in Kosova.
    I hope that the editor will publish this because it only shows reality and is based on facts, there is no hate involved.
    (Afrim Hoxha, 2 April 2007 10:07)

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  16. If you search the premises of Deqani Monastery, i would assure you that you will find an arsenal of weapons, amunition and explosives including RPG (Zola).
    (Investigator, 2 April 2007 13:00)

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  17. Afrim, I think it's absolutely precious of you to attempt to change the subject after a barrage of comments condemned your own thoughts. So what do you do when you have no way of responding? You change the subject to once again make the other side look bad instead of addressing the issues in your own backyard.

    To be fair, every society has its fringe elements that are bent on sowing seeds of discord and conflict. Even here in America. You seem like an OK fellow who wouldn't dream of committing such acts, so I assume you believe that none of your countrymen would do the same. Yet it's true, it's been reported by nearly a dozen other news sources, and the threats are real. At the very least, you should be taking time to condemn such acts rather than trying to shift blame on others in the most unconvincing way possible.
    (Mike, 2 April 2007 15:52)

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  18. During the war in Kosova, hundreds of catholic churches and muslim mosques were destroyed by Serb paramilitaries. (Afrim Hoxha, Monday, 2 April, 2007, 10:07)

    Compltely false, print the list of names of mosques and or Catholic Churches, destroyed, not your propoganda.
    (konstantin gregovic, 2 April 2007 20:27)

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  19. Afrim, while anti-semitic attacks are always reprehensible there is a difference between isolated insidents by fringe fanatics and a pogrom. I believe you will find that the worst anti-semitic incident in recent years was the driving out of the Jewish Community in Kosovo in the summer of 1999.
    (Jack, 2 April 2007 20:52)

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  20. The same reasons Serbs targeted Mosques during a WAR is the same reasons why my military does so in Iraq and Afghanistan. When you use a religious site for guns and snipers' nests, its loses its protected status. It then becomes a legitimate military target.

    It is lunacy to believe the holy men, monks, would be involved in such an attack. The accusations that these Holy Men, a Bishop of all men, a successor to the Holy Apostles, is laughable. Monks and other Christians have set prayer times. Most Christians do not prescribe to all the prayer times, just as you see Moslems ignore the Chant that takes place from the Mosque in Urosevac/Ferizaj 5 times a day.

    Further more there have not been hundreds of Catholic Churches destroyed during the war. Granted Christianity was suppressed during the socialist era, as it was atheism, but it was blanket.

    I have had direct contact with ethnic - Albanian catholic Priests in Klina/Kline, Urosevac/Ferizaj, Binac/Bince, Letnica,Letnice, and many others. All have told me that the biggest threat they have is from Islam. I have been part of investigations in which Catholic Albanian parishoners have been threatened, after Papa B XVI issued his remarks on Islam. Also in the past two years when I was in Kosovo, the Catholic Church in Binac/Bince was broken into, the Priest Don Lush Gjergi was beaten up, the Church in Letnica/Letnice (Our Lady of Crna Gora/ Black Madonna), was broken into, and the Catholic Church in the abandoned former Croat village of Vrnez was broken into. Please Afrim give me a list of locations and names of the Catholic Churches destroyed.

    Furthermore here is where the ethnic - Albanian mindset fails as a whole. Your people commit acts, burning and looting of Churches, the seizure of property, and murder under the guise of a 'justification' of what took place in '99. That is NOT justice, nor is it proper rule of law. It is a tribal mentality.

    The Orthodox Church took no part in this supposed 'genocide', it actually provided shelter for many ethnic - Albanians.
    (Anthony, 2 April 2007 22:15)

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  21. US and UK war team wake up!!! russia and china principled members be strong to oppose independence and be simpathetic to the maltreated serbians of kosovo
    (tatiana stojkovic, 3 April 2007 10:29)

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  22. Anthony, I see that you have an unexplained hate against the kosovar albanians but I hope christ will help you to ease that unexplained hate. Just to let you know, that the orthodox churches in Kosova, Bosnia or Croatia did not help shelter the unarmed people but they in fact helped the paramilitary groups shelter. It is even proven by a video that an orthodox serb priest blesses soldiers before they go into killings of innocent unarmed civilians. The destruction of catholic churches and muslim mosques in Kosova has been proved even by experts of Harvard University in USA. Also another proof that the orthodox churches in Kosova were used to store serb weapons is the fact that the Western christian Militaries of NATO attacked these orthodox churches themselves. Therefore if the NATO planes attacked the orthodox churches then this clearly shows that there were weapons in these churches because otherwise they wouldnt attack these churches.
    ANTHONY, just to let you know that the catholics and muslims in Kosova live like brothers as they are both albanians. I personnaly have Albanian catholic friends and there is absolutely no difference between a catholic and albanian muslim.
    Also, the Cacholic Church ARchbisop of Washington DC, Cardinal Theodore McCarrick openly supports Kosova's independence.
    Another fact is that Kosova was and is getting huge support from the VATICAN itself so therefore Kosova has nothing against christianity but it highly respects it. I hope that you ANTHONY get the truth because often Evil is involved in the minds of people and cause confusion.
    JACK, it is absolutely not true that the jews were driven out of kosova from albanians in 1999. Just to let you know that one of the greatest support that Albanians get in the United States and world wide is the support from the Jews. Israel already accepted Kosova as an independent country. If we were against jews then they wouldnt help us. Please look at the reality.
    (Afrim Hoxha, 3 April 2007 16:05)

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