Dinkić wants "consensus on economic reform"

Mlađan Dinkić has said that the Serbian economy needed serious reforms, and that as broad as possible social consensus was necessary for them to be successful.

Source: Tanjug
Mlađan Dinkić (Beta, file)
Mlađan Dinkić (Beta, file)

The Serbian minister of economy and finance attended a summit of region's ministers and governors in Bečići, Montenegro, where he stated that an efficient implementation of economic reforms in Serbia required more than just the political will of the ruling coalition.

"It is not enough for the government coalition to simply propose a programme. If we want that economic program to be successful, it has to be supported in a way by the opposition and trade unions," Dinkić noted.

When asked why Serbia had companies undergoing restructuring for the past 10 years, he responded that no one before had had the courage to face the issue.

The piled up debts that the current government has to deal with are the result of the previous government's work, he added.

"Social demagogy" is what is obstructing economic reforms, Dinkić pointed out.

"We need to agree to stop with the demagogy and deception. We need to face the truth and start addressing the problems," he remarked.

The summit in Bečići is the largest annual financial and monetary meeting, where ministers and governors exchange experiences on stabilizing public finance and using monetary policy to cope with the economic crisis.

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