Serbia’s public debt amounts to 57.7 pct of GDP

BELGRADE -- Serbia's public debt at the end of March amounted to EUR 19.39bn or 57.7 percent of the GDP, the Economy and Finance Ministry has released in a statement.

At the end of 2012, the public debt stood at EUR 17.67bn, meaning that in the first three months of 2013 it went up by EUR 1.72bn.

At the end of March, Serbia's direct liabilities amounted to around EUR 16.61bn with internal debt of around EUR 6.67bn and external debt of EUR 9.94bn.

Indirect liabilities at the end of March totaled EUR 2.78bn.

According to the Ministry's data, the public debt at the end of 2012 was EUR 59.3 percent of the GDP, 2011 - 48. 2 percent, 2010 - 44.5 percent, 2009 - 34.8 percent, and 2008 - 29.2 percent.