Government "will not renounce reforms"

BELGRADE -- PM Aleksandar Vučić says Serbia "needs to start working and changing," and that his government "will not renounce reforms aimed at work and easier employment."

(Beta, file)
(Beta, file)

“Today, when Serbia is about to adopt a series of reform laws, such as laws on labor, privatization, bankruptcy, planning and construction and the set of laws in the media domain - which is certainly the most courageous political move in the past 20 years - I want to say that the government will not be afraid and will not give up,” Vučić said.

The letter was "posted on his Twitter and Faceboo profiles k," Tanjug reported.

He said that he will see it as his personal failure should it turn out otherwise.

“If we fail this time, in this mandate, I will have to abandon the political scene forever, and I say this free of both vanity and pathos. That would be my personal failure as well, in a line of work that has nothing personal to it,” the prime minister said.

He underscored that there is a pressing need for the country to at least try to change.

“Each of the measures has a single purpose - to get people in Serbia working. Work is the only way for us to achieve genuine betterment,” Vučić said.

“Serbia simply needs to start working. And let those who want to protest do so - I will personally back any debate, but I will not renounce reforms and laws the aim of which is precisely work. These laws should make room for faster and easier employment (new jobs), encourage investments (new jobs), stir the economy into motion (new jobs again) and counter grey economy (once more, new jobs),” wrote Vučić.