Central bank Council of Governors elected

BELGRADE -- The Serbian parliament has elected the National Bank of Serbia (NBS) Council of Governors, Nebojša Savić as Council president for a five-year term of office.


Đorđe Jeftić is the new director of Administration for the Supervision of Financial Institutions.

The members of NBS Governor's Council are Stojan Stamenković, for a four-year term of office, Miladin Kovačević for a three-year term of office, Nikola Martinović for a two-year term of office and Ivan Nikolić, for a year's term of office.

The candidates were proposed by parliamentary groups of the ruling Serb Progressive Party (SNS), the Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS) and the United Regions of Serbia (URS).

The draft decision on the election of the NBS Council of Governors was on the agenda of the previous parliamentary session, but the Finance Committee withdrew the proposal in order for the president and members of the Council to be elected by the new amendments to the Law on NBS, which were adopted on November 5.