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Media coalition: Commissions were not exposed to pressure

The Coalition of Media and Journalists’ Associations (ANEM, NUNS, UNS, NDNV, Local Press), together with the media association "AsMedi", jointly stress that their representatives in the selection panels of the competition of the Ministry of Culture and Information for co-financing media content worked completely autonomously and were not exposed to any influences or pressures – either by the Ministry or by those who had nominated them.

Press Room Wednesday, May 27, 2015 12:07 Comments: 0

B92 Fund's open letter after wave of domestic violence

On the occasion of the protest, "Not one woman less, not one more dead," held on May 21 in Belgrade, organized by the Network of Women Against Violence, the Autonomous Women's Center, and Women in Black, as well as all other protests organized in the wake of a wave of domestic violence, the B92 Fund - which has so far built seven safe houses for victims of domestic violence - joins the demands of the organizers and sends an open letter to the relevant institutions.

Press Room Thursday, May 21, 2015 14:01 Comments: 0
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