Serbia's platform on Kosovo and Metohija

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  1. Texas, New Mexico and California have many Mexican people. What do you think would happen if they declare independence? When you are invited in you do not declare independence. Kosovo belongs to Serbia no matter how many times you declare it yours.
    (Kathryn, 7 February 2013 01:04)

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  2. (azir, 26 December 2012 17:28)

    why do you talk in so much caps? You are so desperate for our attention, whatever country you live in should really take you off disability leave and you should go find a real job.

    Anyway, Kathryn honey, thank you for your support of the Serbian people. Despite everything, I am not an anti American (just anti US gov't) because many people realize the truth about Kosovo i Metohija.

    This document is a good temporary solution, the permanent solution is liberating Kosovo i Metohija from occupation. It will happen.
    (Ari Gold, 3 January 2013 05:19)

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  3. Ever since I can remember I was told about Kosovo. I am wondering how a people can be invited in and then declare it belongs to them. Wait it out my dear Serbs, this will change.
    (Kathryn, 29 December 2012 04:51)

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  4. This is indeed quite a document to read. I had a good feeling that the Serb platform was going to be rediculous and unrealistic, but I was wrong. It is just hilarious!... How about the authors of this document take this back and make thousands of copies of it, and use it to warm the dumpsters for all the serbs that are living below the poverty line in Belgrade and throughout Serbia. How about the Serbs start worrying about issues inside their border and stop worrying about an independent nation that claimed its independence by its own people? The best "PLATFORM" would be to swallow reality and realize that Serbia no longer has (and never will again) a kosovo "province."

    Good day!
    (Ben USA, 28 December 2012 06:58)

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  5. We have more now and We had all this before the war! Serbians verbal diareah. You guys should make hashim thaci prime minister of Serbia, Albanian is spoken as a second language in Serbia, a new flag that represents Serbia Kosovo voyvedina and the rest that follows. At this point Serbia has reconciled with her past
    (Ozzie, 27 December 2012 01:43)

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  6. What a way to screw yourself Serbia. Not only that but you release this manual for how you intend to screw yourself. Not only this is a non-starter, but this seems to be a carbon copy of Vasa Cubrilovic's infamous memorandum " The Expulsion of the Albanians".
    The Serbian army responsible for security and details of status to be set according to laws in Belgrade - This is really funny you guys. Let me know when the HBO special is available. I cant miss watching comedy of this level.
    (j, 26 December 2012 20:29)

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  7. Has anyone really looked at how many Serbs live in Kosova TODAY?

    I can't see how 40,000 +/- can demand so much after all the war crimes their people committed and it's documented at the Hague.

    In America that amount is the equivalent to one or maybe two neighborhoods.

    America also has hundreds of thousands Serbs.


    Serbia must aploogize ,pay war reparations and return all loot before anything else.
    (azir, 26 December 2012 17:28)

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