Moving on the sunny side

The Greek goal is to prevent the further fragmentation of Europe and encourage the enlargement of the European family. The current economic progress in Greece, and the efforts of the embassy to match Greek and Serbian business interests, promise more optimism in the near future.

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"Albanians and Serbs can be like French and Germans"

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama has published a video address on his official Facebook account after his visit to Serbia, speaking about about what he thought Albanians and Serbs could do together in this century. He said that the two nations can play an important role in the Balkans, similar to that which the French and the Germans played for the whole of Europe in the 20th century.

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"Longest journey starts with first step"

Serbia’s new Minister of State Administration and Local Self-Government, is confronted by major challenges, from the establishment of the Academy of Public Administration, the implementation of the Law on Administrative Procedure, implementation of the Law on Inspection Oversight, amendments to the Law on Local Self-Government, to the implementing of a transparent system for financing local government, a system of work, personnel structure and a way of financing and reducing the administration.

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