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Federal Britain in confederal Europe

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"In crafting our new federal kingdom, we will have a lot of international experience to draw on. One of the many peculiarities of Britain is that, while repeatedly spurning federalism, it has both left behind numerous federations across the English-speaking world..."


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Origins and implications of Scottish referendum

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"However the vote goes, unless the nationalists are surprised by an overwhelming defeat, the genie is out of the bottle, and not merely in Britain."

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A European story

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"One hundred years after the beginning of World War I, the Balkans are engaged in a painstaking yet enduring process of consolidating peace and stability by pursuing EU integration."

Ukrainian government artillery guns in a field near the village of Debaltseve, Donetsk region, on July 31 (Beta/AP)

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The 1914 in the wars of 2014

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100 years on, the jigsaw pieces of old empires are being reassembled in new puzzles

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"No good deed goes unpunished"

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B92's Veran Matić is interviewed by the Globe Magazine

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Football Association of Serbia on EURO qualifier incident

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After the October 14 UEFA EURO 2016 Group I qualifier between Serbia and Albania (0:0, 41st minute, FK Partizan Stadium, Belgrade) abandonment, the Football Association of Serbia (FSS) issued the following press release

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EC report on Serbia's progress towards EU

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The European Commission's annual report on Serbia's progress towards EU membership

Marko Đurić (Tanjug, file)

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"We may disgree over status, but should not hate each other"

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"We can disagree over the status (of Kosovo) for the next 200 years, but that does not mean that we should hate each other, that we should not do business with each other."

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"Dialogue with Priština ended isolation"

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"This visit is a signal that the government's efforts since 2012 have been rewarded, especially in the context of the dialogue with Kosovo, which was the decisive step. There is also the fight against corruption and an ambitious reform agenda," said Wilhelm.


Who will form Serbia's next government: