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International Conference on Secret Police Files Belgrade

Hotel Intercontinental, February 21-23, 2002
Organisers: Centre for Anti-War Action and RTV B92
Conference sponsored by: Fund for an Open Society and German Government

At the International Conference on the Opening of Secret Police Files, held in Belgrade between February 21 and 23, 2002, the following were adopted:


1. It is necessary with urgency, fairness, expertise, and observance of the law and personal human rights, to begin the opening of secret police files compiled on citizens since May 13, 1944.

2. It is necessary to completely disclose the contents of all secret police files compiled on citizens by all security services for political and ideological reasons, at both the federal level and the level of the republics. It is in the public interest to undertake an expert and scientific study on the basis and methodology of the system of introduction and compiling the secret police files.

3. Because the future operations of security services must be regulated by law, secret police files must not be compiled for political and ideological reasons, but only in cases prescribed in detail by the law, according to precisely determined procedures and with the appropriate mechanisms for control.

4. With respect to the statement by Serbian Interior Minister Dusan Mihajlovic, given at this conference on February 22, 2002, that he would support the adoption of legislation on the opening of secret police files based on the existing NGO draft, the legislation drafted jointly by the CAA and the CUPS is being submitted to the minister for further action.

5. The draft legislation on the opening of secret police files compiled by the security services at the federal level, prepared by the CAA and CUPS, is being sent to the Federal Government and the Federal Parliament for discussion and adoption.

6. It is necessary to adopt legislation on lustration applying to employees and associates of the security services and senior state and party officials of the Milosevic regime who were responsible for violations of the human rights of citizens. These would be barred from holding certain posts for a certain period of time.

7. It is necessary to generally and completely rehabilitate victims of political trials since May 13, 1944 until the adoption of the law on rehabilitation. Priority must be given to cases in which police and court repression had lethal consequences.

8. The recommendations from the "In Search of Truth and Responsibility: Towards a Democratic Future" conference held in Belgrade from May 18 to 20, 2001, have not met with the expected response. Thus the Commission for Truth and Reconciliation, the Federal Parliament and Government, the Serbian Government and Parliament and the Yugoslav president are asked to take these recommendations into consideration.

RTV B92 Centre for Anti-War Action

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