CJ Maddox

I find a spirit. But I also see schizophrenia. As an American who has never been subjected to overt terror and singular proselytizing, it is difficult to imagine this propensity on the one hand to protect a regime which is singularly brutal and genocidal, perhaps even suicidal, and, on the other, to see the fragile, imaginative, hopeful and tentative flight of conceptual freedom from persons obviously torn by a nationalistic sense of self coupled with a decade of spoon-fed dictatorship -- a wolf, in but a shabby guise of sheep's clothing.

While it is easy to target NATO and most of the European countries as the animalistic aggressor, in truth, Serbs must look not to NATO as the root of evil, but rather to a man and his machine contaminated by hate, prejudice and dominated by self-interest.

You must understand that most Americans simply cannot understand the concept of brutality in the sense that you experience it, or understand it, and that this being so, Milosevic becomes the embodiment of how we perceive the Serbian people through him.

I pray (in an intellectual sense) that you can shed the unique history of aggressive protectionism for a sense of personal worth and the freedom to express your ideas, dreams, and hopes in an atmosphere of acceptance that each individual has the inalienable right to live freely, with right of personal and intellectual belief, so long as that will is not arbitrarily imposed on others.

It is quite late, and I may regret this sudden outburst later, but I hope that respect and, yes, freedom, will prevail.